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Why HS2 is brilliant and why the power will move north.

HS2 is a brilliant thing, I can’t get my head around why so many people are against it, its positives out way the negatives massively. First of all, the line from Birmingham to London is over 100 years old, and if you’ve ever taken the train from Birmingham to London it takes a gruelling 1hr 25 mins. Or Lichfield to London which where many people commute to London or how I would get to London it takes a prehistoric 2hrs 26 mins if you get a London Midland train… Even getting to Southampton takes almost 3hrs 30 mins. If, sorry WHEN HS2 gets built it will take 48 minutes to get to the capital from Brum. Therefore 88 minutes if you went from Lichfield via Birmingham, and only 120 mins to Soton via London and Birmingham. It doesn’t seem like a big time saving 1hr 25 to 48 mins for the cost of £30bn but I can predict that house prices will decline in London due to people commuting to London from the West Midlands as 50 mins is the same as the commute from Chatham in Kent and I will bet all my money in the world that what a banker in London can get in Chatham in Kent for £1,000,000 is minute in comparison to what he or she could attain in Royal Sutton Coldfield…

My point proven. So you guys in your London bubble who think that house prices are ridiculous, if you look outside of London you might find a bargain.

I admit I have gone on a tangent here but this pretty much the same house plus the one in Sutton is detached and has a garage! With a saving of £525,000, you could go and get yourself an Aston Martin for the drive rather than a Mini and still have £400k to do stuff with. With the west midlands to soon be a 50-minute commute this further enhances the positives of HS2.

Now you might argue that £30bn should be spent on the NHS, well with your spare £400k you can go and get yourself some BUPA ;).  However the NHS does need an extra £8 billion per year and with cutting the deficit and building homes the higher priority with this government something must give however I do not believe that cutting investment in the countries infrastructure and the north and west midlands where there is greater inequality than the south but I do believe that power is beginning to shift with big business moving to Manchester for example BBC and ITV, and Birmingham being the home of JLR and Aston Martin and Rolls Royce in Derby, and JCB in the west midlands.

With all these factors I take the view that our countries economic prosperity is of a more importance than our health system to a certain extent, however it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if some parts of the NHS was to be privatised because let’s face NHS is doomed if we do nothing to help it and just sit and complain. Partial privatisation is seen by some as a pragmatic alternative to improve the NHS. With the population increasing and people living longer, public spending on healthcare is likely to come under even more strain in the future. However, that’s a argument for another day.


Is the movement between social classes hampered by circumstances? Part 1 (introduction)

Theory: Is the movement between social classes is hampered by circumstances?

Over the course of all human history, every person has been born into a social class whether that be rich, middle class or poor, in the UK there are arguably six social classes, the elite, the established middle class, the technical middle class, the traditional working class, the emergent service sector and finally the precariat class. How people respond to these social influences can vary and is not necessarily predictable however often the case is that people are born into a class and live and die in the same class. Being raised in the same cultural surroundings for a life time usually brings about similar response patterns, which can become so deeply imbedded in the human mind that they often operate without the individuals being fully aware of them creating habits, work ethics and the mentality that often reflects onto a persons offspring that causes a constant cycle of the same social class, if the cycle can be broken it is feasible to predict that that the individual who breaks it can rise up a class or two and it is likely that his or hers future family will be a class higher than their for fathers and mothers.